Type: Body Support
To prevent postoperative coagulation or injury.
In order to reduce the possibility of stroke in the leg,
and also to prevent slippage in the elderly.
We offer you the best solution under the supervision of your doctor.


FITLEGS Anti Embolism (AES) Above Knee anti-embolism stockings with Grip is clinically effective in reducing the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis and are ideal to wear following your discharge from the hospital.

Comfortable and easy to apply, FITLEGS AES anti-embolism stockings (open toe):

  • It is latex free.
  • It has a unique design with only four sizes in the range.
  • It includes a loose weave around the toes for easy inspection of the skin.
  • Are dark in colour (teal) to fit in with everyday clothing.
  • Contain a heel pad for increased comfort.
  • Have a universal fit – no left or right foot selection required.
  • Are a class 1 medical device.

 Size Guide:

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