Deep Venous Thrombosis or DVT

Deep venous thrombosis or DVT is caused by blood clot in a deep vein, which could be life-threatening. Hang on,...
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Bedsores | Decubitus Ulcers

Bedsores. Decubitus ulcers. Pressure injuries/sores - whatever you choose to call it - can be a serious problem, especially among...
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We published our first article on Monday, 30th November, 2020 which with we shared some eye-opening insight on lipedema and how to manage lipedema fat. The truth is, one can live with a whole of things if they are handled in a better way. Knowledge as they say, is light. When light shines in the dark, it illuminates. And we are all able to make more sensible decisions.

So then, our weekly blog is an awesome thing to always watch out for. Our primary goal at Rufaddas Medical is  to reduce mortality rates in our hospitals thereby discouraging health tourism. We are also driven by the desire  to make unattractive, fake and substandard equipment by making genuine cutting edge products readily available at reasonable prices. These articles are a part of the strategies we have adopted to help achieve the goal.