Orthodrive® MBQ-700 series - Surgical drills

The MBQ high torque rotary handpiece provides the surgeon with ample
power even for the most demanding acetabular reaming procedures. The new drill/ream handpiece
produces 20% more reaming torque and the powerful dedicated sagittal saw cuts through the
hardest of bone with ease and precision.


Through continual engineering refinements, including our fourth-generation hybrid motor
controller and intelligent battery charging technology, we have increased power by a further 20%
Li-Ion battery technology assures class-leading power to weight ratio.


Exceptional system versatility. 15 different rotary attachments, plus 4 different function
attachments, including reciprocating and mini sagittal saws, wire/pin driver and a unique pulse
lavage system.

In-built, quick change drill/ream gearbox eliminates dedicated reaming attachments,
reducing cost and weight.
Optional twin trigger rotary handpiece with instant forward, reverse and unique oscillating drill/tap


Proven system reliability is enhanced through continuous engineering developments, including a
hermetically sealed hybrid motor controller and unique intelligent battery charging technology.
A new high-performance surface finish protects against the most aggressive detergents whilst
offering a highly scratch-resistant barrier.