‘Dermadrive’ is a concept in the field of submarine transportation. It involves the integration of the propulsive and resistive qualities of the vehicle so as to make them one and indistinguishable. The vessel is propelled by a circumferential, flexible outer skin, (derma), that carries a progressive traveling wave down the length of the body. The oscillations are provided by a series of permanent and electromagnetic rings stationed along the shell. The system offers the potential of silent underwater transportation, since the inherent propeller cavitation and rotating machinery noises are eliminated. In addition, the body possesses positive directional control without rudder or planes. The result is a highly streamlined submersible, capable of either silent movement or positional hovering.


The new slim line and ergonomically designed GD Series dermatome produces, consistent, uniform skin grafts time after time. The smooth high speed cutting action ensures an almost effortless and vibration free procedure.

The GD-113 dermatome head is designed to be used with the CM2 controller system. Alternatively a unique E coupling allows it to be used with other De Soutter handpieces, for instance, EPV pneumatic and ECV electric motors.

The GD-113 head offers the following features:

Cut thicknesses are easily selected and constantly maintained using the calibrated depth gauge.

Skin grafts from 0.05 mm to 1.00 mm are adjustable in 0.1 mm increments.

Accurately controlled graft widths of 73 mm, 48 mm and 23 mm