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About the company

Rufaddas Medical Supplies is a business entirely devoted to making available the  best medical and care equipment along with hospital consumables at affordable prices.  Our primary goal is  to reduce mortality rates in our hospitals thereby discouraging health tourism. We are also driven by the desire  to make unattractive, fake and substandard equipment by making genuine cutting edge products readily available at reasonable prices.

Rufaddas Nigeria Limited

Rufaddas Nigeria Limited came about from the desire to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery in Nigeria by making available high quality medical equipment and consumables to Nigerian hospitals to counter the proliferation of fake and substandard products which has led to the untimely and avoidable deaths of many Nigerians.

Rufaddas Medical Supplies was set up by a Nigerian family of professionals in diaspora, to enter into distributorship agreements with reputable manufacturers of medical equipment and consumables in Europe, and America.

Our Vision

Our vision is that of a Nigeria where good quality medical products and consumables are readily available and affordable to the health sector. We want to see a Nigeria where the hard work of doctors and nurses are enhanced by ready access to quality medical equipment and consumables.

“He who has health has hope; he who has hope has everything”