A wheelchair is a chair fitted with wheels. It is used when walking is difficult or impossible. As a result of disability, illness, old age related challenges. Wheelchairs often have handles behind the seat to allow for different individuals to push. People who have difficulty sitting and walking often make use of a wheel-bench. A basic manual wheelchair incorporates a seat, foot rests and four wheels: two, caster wheels at the front and two large wheels at the back. The two larger wheels in the back usually have hand-rims; two metal or plastic circles approximately 3/4″ thick.

Wheelchairs come in a wide variety of formats to meet the specific needs of their users. They may include specialized seating adaptions, individualized controls, and may be specific to particular activities, as seen with sports wheelchairs and beach wheelchairs. The most widely recognized distinction is between powered wheelchairs, where propulsion is provided by batteries and electric motors, and manually propelled wheelchairs, where the propulsive force is provided either by the wheelchair user/occupant pushing the wheelchair by hand (“self-propelled”), by an attendant pushing from the rear using handle(s), or by an attendant pushing from the side.

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