Frequently asked questions

Our medical equipments are manufactured in approved production facilities with thorough quality control procedure providing clients with total Assurance of our products expertise. Each product comes with warranty and a replacement offer if the product gets damaged within the the warranty period.

Air Mattress are inexpensive compared to the water bed.
Air mattress is portable, movable compared to the water bed which requires reinforced floors inorder to support their weight.
Air mattress comes with a pump which regulates the weight of the patients. Air mattress are generally durable and have life of many years with proper care.

Anti-embolism stockings are the elastic garments that is worn around the leg. Anti-embolism stockings are effective in curing Thromboembolism. These helps to prevent the occurrence of, and guard against further progression of venous disorder such as edema, phlebitis, and thrombosis.

Non- Ambulatory bed- ridden patients.
People recuperating from surgies
Aged People
Pregnant Women
People who work for long hours.

Pressure Mattress are designed for those with pressure ulcer(also known as bed sore). Pressure sores occurs when an individual spends prolonged period of time in the same position; and typically occurs in those with restricted mobility or poor skin integ rity. Pressure mattress relive and redistribute pressure through a dynamic lying surface. The inflated air cells provide pressure to support the user while the deflated cells provide relief for the skin above them.

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